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Applied Accounting

Conveying a widely spread overview starting from the basics of Accounting (balance sheet, profit and loss account, cost accounting, costing, contribution margin costing) to special fields (such as corporate planning, capital investment calculation, determination and interpretation of ratios) is the goal of these seminars.

Applied Controlling

Corporate planning and Controlling are the focus in this field.The contents of this seminar range from compiling profit plan, finance plan and budgeted balance sheet to as far as calculating ratios, to carrying out comparisons of planned/actual data, cost variance analyses and revised forcasts during the year.

In-company seminars

In-company seminars covering the topics Applied Accounting and Controlling deal with the basics of Applied Accounting and their practical approach in the enterprise. The connection between general accounting know-how and the special development in the enterprise (balance sheet, profit and loss account, cost accounting, contribution margin costing, corporate planning and ratios) are presented clearly and comprehensibly.